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Renegade Airlines Aerial Photography


Drone Photography and Video .  Boston, Ma.

Chris Gibbs - FAA Certified Remote Pilot and all-around fun guy.


Meet Your Pilot!

As a lifelong lover of aviation and art, it is no surprise that Chris would be drawn to

aerial/drone photography. He is an FAA Certified Remote Pilot, avid outdoorsman,

road warrior, Eagle Scout, aviation geek, and hired gun who operates commercially

with his fleet of drones (Sheila, Betsy, Joan, Sigrid, Lilly, Ruth, and Hedvig) under

the name Renegade Airlines.  Chris is also a contract test pilot commanding emerging

aerial platforms and next-generation imaging systems. When he’s not cruising the

highways and byways, dirt roads, and cart paths of America or suffering the conditions

of the wilds, Chris divides his time between Boston and Cape Cod, where he sells his art

prints and acrylics. Chris was born and raised in Granby, Connecticut, and graduated

from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in English literature.

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